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Stock Transfer Gifts

Avoid Paying Capital Gains Tax by Supporting our Ministry

Support CHI St. Vincent Foundation with a stock transfer gift and claim the full value as a charitable donation and avoid paying capital gains tax!

When you give appreciating shares of stock, you can deduct the full value of the asset on your taxes and CHI St. Vincent Foundation will get the full benefit as well, since we do not have to pay taxes on the gain when we sell the stock.

If you were to sell your appreciated shares of stock, you would have a capital gain and could be subject to the 15 percent capital gains tax rate. If you donate the stock to CHI St. Vincent Foundation, you transfer ownership of the shares to us. You get to claim the value of the stock at time of transfer as a deduction on your taxes but you don’t have to pay any capital gains tax.

This is a great way to strategize at the end of the year if you have some appreciated shares you want to redeem and you would like to support our mission and ministries.

Ready to make a stock transfer to CHI St. Vincent Foundation?

It’s easy — simply follow these steps:

  1. Notify CHI St. Vincent Foundation regarding the transfer at 501.552.2380.
  2. Please communicate to your broker to transfer the security to Northern Trust.

    Participant No.: 2669
    Agent Bank ID: 20290
    Please reference Northern Trust Account Number:
    #4493778 Philanthropic Fund
    CUSIP: [Insert: 9 Digit CUSIP]
    Donor Info: Northern Participant -CHI St. Vincent Foundation & Plan ID Number 211


For mutual funds, please notify the CHI St. Vincent Foundation, as there are unique instructions that will need be provided by Northern Trust.