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Community 1888

Community 1888 celebrates the spirit of our founding through philanthropy. Because of dedicated and generous donors, our healthcare providers at CHI St. Vincent have been able to provide compassionate care to every patient. Because of your generosity, we are ready to grow and expand to take that service into the next century.

We invite you to support our local ministry. Your partnership with the CHI St. Vincent Foundation makes a real impact on the health of the people around us. Investing in the community is one of the most powerful expressions of compassion. Your annual membership in Community 1888 supports educational opportunities for our pathway program with local universities dedicated to increasing the number of nurses at St. Vincent and in Arkansas.

Your generosity and membership also honors the many families whose acts of Humankindness have improved the lives of our patients for more than a century. The collective power of our members will transform patient care at CHI St. Vincent and is vital to the growth of our ministry. Every dollar of your gift supports nursing educational programs that add new nurses to our facilities. When we support one another we are all stronger, healthier and happier.

Benefits of Membership

Members receive direct access to guest relations and assistance in navigating healthcare needs.

Levels of Membership include:

  • Ministry $1,000 gift (supports nursing education)
  • Compassion $2,500 gift (sponsors a nurse in our residency program)
  • Mission $5,000 gift (funds a nursing pathway scholarship)

Make a Donation

When donating, use the dropdown field labeled Designation to choose Community 1888 - Legacy.

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